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is the magic lantern
through which society peeps at itself.
In my column, A-muse-ment, I try to analyse how
moving pictures speak to
human minds.


21 July 2015 The Exotic Marigold Hotel Enterprise: Happywallah Cliché PDF 
01 May 2015 A Few Films, An Actor and the Industry - Part 2 PDF 
10 Apr 2015  A Few Films, An Actor and the Industry - Part 1 PDF
02 Jul 2014 A Burp of Freedom PDF
14 Apr 2014 Bollywood: At Home in the World PDF
24 Mar 2014 Adaptation (2002): Creativity Negotiating Entertainment PDF
23 Feb 2014 The Quintessential Actor: Nawazuddin Siiddiqui PDF
06 Feb 2014 The Mother (2003): Crossing Lines PDF

As Editor-World Literature of Atticus Review, I spill my passionate ink for all things wordy - the fine craft and the objective impactfulness of words put out into the world.


16 Jul 2015 Book Review: The Weightless World PDF 
16 Jul 2015 Book Review: These Foolish Things PDF 
21 Jun 2015 Ass in Chair: An Interview with Antonia Murphy PDF 
21 Jun 2015 Getting Down and Dirty PDF
03 Jun 2015  Ducks in a Bookshop: An Interview with Sarah Henshaw PDF
03 Jun 2015 Of Books and Boats PDF
10 Jul 2014 Shifting Junk for Jewels...and Other Stories PDF
12 Jun 2014 Letters from Leeds: Joy Rises from the Dead PDF
16 Apr 2014 Being Lost, Being Found PDF
20 Mar 2014 Old Love, New Playgrounds PDF

Only a humbug says money doesn’t matter! In Travelandy, I discuss how to cover more miles on less moolah.


14 Jul 2015 Vegetarian Delicacies from around the World PDF 
07 Jul 2015 Let's Bust some Vegetarian Travel Myths PDF
09 Feb 2015 That Narcotic Call of the Road PDF
02 Feb 2015 How Low can you Go and Why you Should PDF
28 Nov 2014 Five Things a Budget Traveler Should Be PDF

An interest in all things Oriental led me to a new beginning and in turn to EAST Magazine.


Winter 2015

Haibun of a Lonely Traveller


Rupkatha Journal
is where I show off my pretensions to be scholarly.


Volume VI, Number 2, 2014 Book Review: Santal Creation Stories PDF 

Does border define nationality? In
The Times of India, I look at what constitutes and is perceived as Indian-ness.


17 Jul 2015 Leeds Remembers its Forgotten Indian War Hero PDF
17 Jul 2015 Indians Living Abroad take to Food Writing PDF
20 Feb 2015 Neighbouring Kindness PDF
01 Dec 2014 Rediscovering 'India' in a Western Library PDF
06 Oct 2014 Disability and Employment in India PDF
09 Sep 2014 Whatever Happened to Family Meal PDF
08 Sep 2014 Explaining Indian Diversity to Outsiders is Difficult PDF
07 Aug 2014 The Indian Face of Burberry PDF
11 Jul 2014 Re-mapping Parenthood PDF
16 Jun 2014 India-Bangladesh border: A Gate Viewed Long Ago PDF
16 Jun 2014 Rabindranath Tagore and the Indian-Asian Identity PDF
12 May 2014 A Miss is as Good as a Mile PDF


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